Basement Waterproofing

If you require a livable basement area, one that is completely dry and free of mold, you have many options. The problem is that most of them don’t work. That is why S + H Construction developed its own fail-safe basement waterproofing method. In ten years, we have had exactly zero callbacks, none. Best of all, our method is implemented from the INSIDE OF THE WALL, so there is no exterior digging or disturbance of landscape and plantings.

Pressure washing the wall in preparation for damp proofing.

S+H Construction  has developed a unique system that revolutionizes waterproofing old fieldstone, brick walled or concrete basements. Waterproofing old foundations is difficult when done from the exterior, because it often involves excavation, disruption of landscape and plantings, backfilling and then replanting. Our waterproofing process is done completely from the inside. Our process stops water from coming through the walls using crystals that grow in the presence of water, filling capillaries in the mortar and concrete, which absolutely stops the migration of water.


Foundation wall after pressure washing and cleaning.

Rather than allowing water to penetrate foundation walls and then redirecting it to drains and a sump pump, our method absolutely STOPS WATER AND MOISTURE from entering through walls or slabs.

S + H originally began doing basement waterproofing as a way to keep our site work personnel busy during the winter months. We were frankly amazed the first few times we used this method, because we did not believe that there was a truly effective way to waterproof an old foundation from the inside. With real estate at a premium, and local cities and towns loosening regulations around the development of basements as living areas, the need for TRULY waterproof basements spaces is more important than ever. When done in conjunction with a new waterproof slab, using the same material as the walls, we can guarantee a dry basement.

First coat and filling large voids in masonry.

In some houses, significant improvement in water infiltration can be realized by simply redirecting downspouts away from the foundation. However, if your home is located in an area with a high water table, or has hydrostatic pressure against a portion of the foundation wall because it is facing an uphill grade, our waterproofing process will solve the problem.

Install wire mesh.

One significant added benefit to the S+H Waterproofing system is that it consolidates and strengthens the foundation wall, joining together loose stones and bricks and providing many decades of renewed structural improvement.

Applied first coat wire mesh.

As opposed to cabinets or plumbing fixtures, which get used everyday, the basement envelope, like the roof, is something that people rarely think about … unless it’s leaking. While it might be out of sight, waterproofing the basement, because it creates a dry, mold free environment that allows for more living area, could be one of the best investments in your home.

Final coat, damp proofing.

Please contact us if you have a wet basement and want to solve the problem.

Optional final finish coat, if walls are to be left exposed.