Custom Porte Cochere

Wellesley, MA

Project Participants:

Architect: Richard Bernstein

On this expansive historic estate in Wellesley, we custom-built a porte cochere (car port) with a connector to the existing Victorian period house.  The addition was not original, but the owner’s intent was that it should appear as if it were. The stone for the piers upon which its columns rested was sourced to match the local granite of the house foundation. The paving within the porte cochere was laid out of reclaimed granite cobblestones, worn smooth by over a century of traffic on Boston streets. 

The porte cochere is a place of transition, between inside and outside, coming and going. To slow things down, the architect added some elegant details, such as a high backed bench to rest on, built into the wall. The barrel vaulted ceiling, lined with matched fir boards, gives a feeling of lofty space. That impression is enhanced by some well-considered lighting - - balance lighting built into the base, and a space defining, hand wrought, iron pendant fixture hanging in the middle.