Down is the New Up

We’re already spending more time at home, and with cold weather just around the corner, this isn’t going to change anytime too soon. You may not be in a position right now to add to your home or move into another, so take advantage of what you have – and go down!

Basements can offer much more than just another area for storage. But if you’ve had problems with water or moisture, you may be reluctant to turn the lower level into a usable living space.

After decades of working on historic restorations, and homes with foundations that date back hundreds of years, S+H Construction, employed a revolutionary three-coat waterproofing process that gives 100% protection against water AND moisture. This exclusive method is implemented from the interior side of the wall, so there is no exterior digging or disturbance of landscape and plantings. This process is a must first step if you're considering a lower-level renovation. 

S+H Construction has created gorgeous, creatively designed, and constructed rooms out of less-than-ideal basements - from game rooms to extraordinary wine cellars. If you’re interested in learning more about the waterproofing process, click here, and to view S+H Construction's portfolio of projects, click here.