Hospice Building Renovation

Needham, MA

Project Participants:

Architect: Alberto Salvatore, Salvatore Associates

The hospice building renovation for the Tippett House is actually the second VNA Hospice project completed by S + H Construction.  A fully operational hospice unit, the Tippett House was in need of a larger elevator as well as ADA compliant bathrooms.  The driver of the project was the existing elevator, which was undersized for paramedics to fit stretchers.  S + H collaborated with the Salvatore Associates Architectural firm in Needham to develop a plan, the greatest undertaking being the installation of the new elevator and the underpinning around the building's foundation.  The elevator had to be large enough to accommodate the size and weight of flat stretchers with caregivers inside.  The VNA engaged us for our unique expertise in this area, and S + H helped to raise the standards at the Tippett House, ultimately improving the experience for its residents and their families.

S + H converted existing bathrooms to meet ADA compliances, to aid resident's transitions from their beds, designing their bathrooms  with unimpeded entry, so residents in wheelchairs could now enter and use bathrooms with ease.  S + H developments were also focused on helping improve the facilities for family members visiting residents.  Improvements were made to the common area of the house, including new, larger windows, to open and brighten the space.  S + H also built kitchenettes in resident living areas, ,so family members could feel comfortable while spending time with their loved ones.