Leadership Team

Sarah Lawson


Sarah Lawson grew up in Lincoln and was a project manager at S + H Construction for nine years before buying the company in 2016. Sarah owned her own small contracting firm before coming to S + H. She is the mother of two children and the stepmother of four more.

Prior to owning S+H Construction, she enjoyed competing in Masters Track and Field and playing music with her friends.







Doug Hanna

Co-Founder of S + H Construction

Doug Hanna started S + H Construction in 1979 with his partner Alex Slive. A native of Medford and Cambridge, Doug is the father of two daughters and a son and has two grandchildren. He enjoys playing the guitar, mountain biking, and carpentry. Doug is a vice president on the council of the Cambridge Historical Society. He lives in North Cambridge with his wife Carol.








Alex Slive

Co-Founder of S + H Construction

Alex Slive started S + H Construction in 1979 with his partner Doug Hanna. A lifelong Cambridge resident, Alex is the father of three daughters and one grandson. Alex enjoys hiking, chess and rough carpentry. He lives in Cambridgeport with his wife Kaela.










Rob Russo

Business Director

Rob Russo grew up in Vermont and moved to the Boston area to work as a project manager in the telecommunication world for ten years. He then attended the North Bennet Street School for carpentry and worked at a few design-build firms before landing at S + H Construction. He worked as a carpenter and job supervisor for 5 ½ years before going into commercial construction for a couple of years. Rob returned to S + H as Business Director in 2016. Rob is the father of two girls and a boy, and enjoys coaching little league, youth hockey, and attempting to complete his to-do list at home. Rob lives in Winchester with his kids and his wife Lynne.