Modern Condo Renovation

Modern Condo Renovation

Project Participants:

Project Supervisor and Designer: Walter Mayne. Draft Designed by Owner

Working directly with the owners, we renovated the interior of this Boston condo to create a highly functional and personal space. The owners were writers, transitioning to an empty nest, and sought, above all, to have home studio work areas that were private, quiet and separate. They had specific ideas for how to achieve this, and were determined to streamline the process, so they worked directly with our project supervisor to develop their vision into plans that were buildable and permittable. Thus, all drawings were produced by S + H.

In addition, they required that all finishes and fixtures be consistent with a specific modern design vision. Again, S + H worked directly with the owners to give them the documentation and professional support they needed to be assured that the work would indeed conform to their intentions. 

In this way, finish and hardware choices were organized and resolved in an orderly way. For example, the floor was of unadorned concrete, a common and subdued material. It was thought to be necessary to brighten it up, by etching and coloring, in order to better equip it for its important role in drawing together all of the interior spaces. In the end, it was decided that a simpler solution was more consistent with the design vision, and it was merely given a micro polished surface. The result speaks for itself.