Deferred Maintenance, If Your Roof Could Talk

By Doug Hanna

Hey there, I'm your roof ... Hello?! Remember me?

Let's be open and both acknowledge that you don't usually give me the time of day until I start leaking.  It's OK, I'm used to being ignored. I noticed that you were a bit more attentive to my needs this winter, although only as it impacted you. Still, I like your involvement and new-found interest. But just to clue you in,  the other exterior components of  your house and I had it pretty rough these last few months. Known for the first hundred thousand years of human history as " the stuff that keeps water and wind out of the ... " ( and you can fill in the blank here: cave, tipi, igloo, yurt, hovel, house. double-wide ... ),  in the last 20 years we've somehow become your "building envelope." I don't know who thought we resemble a piece of stationery, but I guess I can see the analogy.

Deferred Maintenance, If Your Roof Could Talk

But listen, my cousins and I... siding, gutters, windows, insulation, waterproofing, etc.,  really need to get on your schedule. You think we can just go on performing, day in, day out, without somewhat of a makeover now and then? It may have become crystal clear to you at some point during snow-maggedon that WE AREN'T PERFECT! We fail sometimes, just like most people and things. You think it's easy? Believe me, we're not happy when we don't perform properly. I mean, we have a reputation to maintain! Even though now we maybe back at doing our job again, please don't forget about us. Personally, we can handle the abuse that old man winter handed out, but we just can't handle anymore neglect from you.

Sorry about that, I had to vent.

So let's talk about solutions. Of course fix the damage, but you might want to consider actual improvements too. More and better insulation in the roof might reduce those ice dams next time. New drainage and waterproofing for your basement might eliminate that "water feature" in the family room. Please, get someone to look things over and make some suggestions, and let's get ready for next winter.

Thanks for listening. I hate it when we bicker.