The appeal of Victorian era period detail is undeniable, but their floor plans are in conflict with modern tastes which prioritize light and access. We marvel at their lofty ceilings, small room footprints and locksets on every interior door. It was a different world, clearly - - so down come the walls.

We value Victorian era millwork because it is so lush, generous and difficult to replicate. We can match their craftsmanship, certainly, but the old growth forests which produced an abundance of  faultless, straight grained panels in large dimensions, are sadly gone, at least for the next two or three centuries.

To reformat their layouts for modern lifestyles requires that we meticulously salvage the existing work, so that we have the material we need to make changes. Removing existing millwork without damage is a skill in itself, requiring the same level of patience and attention that it took to install it. The result is a seamless synthesis of modern taste and Victorian design.

Meticulously salvaged Victorian wall panels, ready for reinstallation in a modified floor plan.