Seaside Custom Home

Rockport, MA

Project Participants:

Architect: Charles Myer and Partners

The Atlantic Ocean is the backdrop for this vacation home, custom built by S + H Construction, in Rockport. The foundation work was complex because of ledge conditions near the cliffs. The construction had to comply with hurricane codes, including high impact glass and structural tie down at most connections.  The rafter and joists are visible within, lending a summer cottage feel to the house. Yet, SIP panel construction on the roof, and high levels of insulation, make this home highly energy efficient in a location that can be exposed to harsh conditions. Exposed steel beams and glass countertops in the kitchen, interior wood paneling, a custom double hung window as a dining room ceiling vent, radiant heat, as well as other numerous nooks and built-ins are other unique features that make this structure a pleasure to live in and visit.