The Power of a Space

By Sarah Lawson

I think it was the pink walls that finally made me crack. I’ve been working from home, like the rest of America, and using my daughter’s old bedroom as my office – she’s 33! After about six weeks of looking at those pink walls – and Zoom Nation looking at those pink walls – I had to make a change.

Mangy rug, cluttered college bookcase, childhood bed – out! A painting I love, a map of a beloved place, and a chic new rug – in. But most importantly, I painted the room. It was a simple version of white, but it was specifically designed to highlight that painting, the warm natural antique bookshelf from Australia (my husband’s birthplace,) and my standup bass.

I swapped out the old outdated doorknobs and replaced the switch and plug plates. I even bought a new yoga mat, strap, and block to match the new color scheme, so that nothing clashes when I do my online class. I love the room now and feel instant happiness just walking into it.

And, let’s face it, it feels good to control my environment right now and make everything perfect, when there’s so much we can’t control. It reminds me of the power of a space that works. It can change your life.