Peaceful Charlestown Courtyard

Charlestown, MA

Project Participants:

Project Manager: Ed Sullivan

A perfectly private urban space, this courtyard provides seclusion at the rear of a historic brick townhouse in Charlestown. Our team transformed this small yard (25 ‘ x 25’) with patterned brick and granite paving, extensive plantings,  a custom built grilling cabinet and a functioning antique limestone water fountain. The result is a little miracle of quiet and tranquility in the heart of the city.

There was no access to the courtyard except through the occupied living space, which created quite a challenge. Our team came up with a creative solution. We constructed a hermetically sealed and fully padded corridor through the living space to carry all the materials for the job to the back of the townhouse, with minimal disruption to the occupants. Like building a ship in a bottle!    

Above photo: Secluded courtyard bounded by a brick party wall. Patterned brick and granite paving installed by us.